Howard and Jordan: A Perfect Fit

Howard and Jordan: A Perfect Fit

In 1984, Michael Jordan, a rookie basketball player, signed a 5 year, $500,000 deal with the Nike Brand, featuring his own signature line of sneakers. Nike thought they were doing him a favor. Little did they know, that deal would be the start of a new era for the brand. That first year, Air Jordan sold $126 million dollars of merchandise solidifying Nike as the go to brand for the most popular sneakers in town. 

This year, The Jordan Brand has entered into a 20 year, $100 million dollar deal with none other than the esteemed Howard University. It was announced via press release earlier this month and celebrated across social media: #HowardXJumpman

This partnership is focused on elevating the athletic department so we may be able to expect some renovations to Howard’s athletic facilities. But the agreement doesn’t stop there. This deal extends beyond the field and into the community with the aim of using the $100M commitment to support organizations fighting to create systemic change. We’re excited to see the first Howard University signature Jumpman uniforms which are rescheduled to be unveiled on August 27th. In the meantime, check out the Howard University merch at and receive free shipping with your order of $100 or more.

Bibi Mama is a first generation Beninese-American actress born and raised in Mansfield, CT. Growing up she watched her father, an English professor and author, continue the Yoruba oral tradition through storytelling, which inspired her. She earned her B.F.A. from Howard University and recently finished her MFA at the Old Globe/University of San Diego MFA Graduate Acting Program.
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