Our Story


If anything good came out of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, it is the realization that things can’t simply remain as they are forever.

Watching well-established businesses and institutions close down and long standing practices come to an abrupt halt, points to one truth: nothing in this world should last forever.

It’s time for some old things to make room for the new things God is birthing through each of us. 

Having studied animation and design at Howard University and working professionally in multimedia design for over a decade, my best work has always been a result of allowing God work through me. After all - He is the most creative being who ever existed. After seeing some of the illustrations come to life, against the backdrop of unprecedented change and a racial revolution, I knew better than to wait one more minute to move on what God was calling me to do. And if ever there was time to launch a black business, it was now.

So why create a new business in the midst of a pandemic? That's why.

Young people - Launch the business. Submit the application. Start the ministry. Make the leap. Now is your time.

Introducing a new lifestyle brand, Self Made Reallionaire
Celebrating young change-makers, running with a God-given vision.

This one is for the hustlers.

- Amina