HBCU College Buddies: Near & Far

HBCU College Buddies: Near & Far

Let’s be real: Living across the country from your best friend is hard! If you’re lucky, you might get to see each other maybe twice a year and you probably don't have any pictures together. Especially as things start to open up again, you’re probably itching to catch the next flight to reconnect with your people.

This Independence day weekend, my east coast Howard sister flew across the country to visit me on the west. 11 years of friendship culminated in a joyous reunion of two friends whose shared undergraduate experience made them family. We ate, we laughed, we danced, the whole time sprinkling Howard-isms into our references, fully understanding that our alma mater is the only reason we ever had the opportunity to become friends at all. 

There are thousands, if not more stories like this. Of friendship blossoming within the microcosm of an HBCU, only to go on to stand the test of time – of near and far. They often become some of the most important connections of our lives. What a gift. 

If you’re planning on reconnecting with your people  as summer travel season peaks this month, don some of your favorite alma mater gear from HBCU Leggings. You never know where your next connection will find you.


Bibi Mama is a first generation Beninese-American actress born and raised in Mansfield, CT. Growing up she watched her father, an English professor and author, continue the Yoruba oral tradition through storytelling, which inspired her. She earned her B.F.A. from Howard University and recently finished her MFA at the Old Globe/University of San Diego MFA Graduate Acting Program.
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